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…. well Friday and Saturday to be precise.  Andrew Reynold’s Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp at the O2. So many new experiences  … I have never been that far ‘left’ before or that far left and over the River ! and then there was the O2 arenaBlackwell Tunnel and the O2 itself !!! and that was all before 8am on Friday.

I spend a lot of my time educationg myself, either reading, watching videos or in actual training courses, events or network meetings. It is vital – critical if you want to be truely successful, that you keep abreast of the latest information, ideas and opportunities. I was offered the opportunity to go to this event as a guest for the ridiculously cheap price of £50 for two full days!  There are almost too many things to list, in terms, of what I learnt …  apart that is from the actual technical knowledge coming from the stage …

First – I learnt that I already had access to the majority of the resources on offer from the various speakers on the stage (and therefore did not need to buy anything). I also realised that I wasn’t using many of the resources I had available to me.
Next I learnt that I know an enormous amount of people, there were over 7,000 at the venue and everytime I left my chair I ‘bumped’ into someone I knew. Have you heard the phrase “you are worth the average of the six people you most regularly mix with” or variations on that?   I realised how many entrepreneurial and business minded people I mixed with, and in talking to them learnt how many really exciting opportunities there are out there right now (shock horror – in the middle of a recession !!!??)
Sadly I also recognised how many people in the venue were likely to not take any positive action – to not do anything with all the information and knowledge they had heard that day. I saw people coming up against their “stuff” as some  of the speakers challenged the audience to take action – to participate – to play full out.
And lastly (for now:) ) I also recognised and benefitted from taking action myself. One of the speakers was Christopher Howard, I am sure you have heard me speak of him before … Chris carried out an induction from the stage, that is using music, light and the sound of his voice he encouraged us to connect with our unconscious minds and believe that we had the power to succeed.

As you can imagine I “played full out” I closed my eyes, following his words and descriptions (sure I struggled a little at times to stay focused or to stop worrying about whether I was ‘doing it right’). Chris asked us to commit, he asked us thing of an outcome we wanted to achieve and he said that he could put us in touch with the ‘resources’ we needed. I guess it might be starting to sound a bit ‘woo woo’ or cult-ish – not at all Chris was using a combination of hypnotherapy and NLP to send messages to our unconscious mind so that it would support us each in what we wanted to achieve.

Well!!! Not twenty minutes later I received a call and although my phone was on silent I just happened to be looking at the screen at the precise moment. I answered the phone and whispered that I was at an event and asked the caller to text me …. when the text came through I was amazed … find out later what the message said :)

To our mutual success, wealth and happiness
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