Where’s the manual when you need it?

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I was only away on holiday in June – just 6 weeks ago! I spent a full week on a photography course – now I am back in the Red Sea and can’t remember how to use my camera!!!  One of the guys on the boat has the same camera as me, a canon Ixus 980IS (very nice :) ) and asked me how to change it from program mode to manual. Well that was what I spent the entire course learning about and of course I couldn’t remember anything! typical.  Did anyone bring their manual? no! so had had to rack my brains and use trial and error before I found the right combination of buttons (the underwater shortcut to switch modes!).

It made me wonder how many times I use trial and error in business – this to me is different to be creative or experimenting. I mean how many times do I fumble around when I know the knowledge is out there but I don’t refer to the manual or call someone who knows. I was really pleasantly surprised to realise it is not something I do. I know that in business there are plenty of books, courses and experts I can turn to. In fact even in the property investment world there are plenty of good courses, networking events and mentors I can turn to.

Business and property investment is not an area you can afford to waste time with trial and error. If others have the knowledge and understanding – you need to get to it as quickly as possible in order to start generating cash returns. This new more competitive markets (some call it a recession) will favour those with knowledge and good supportive networks. It will be tough on those uneducated, unprofessional fumblers – beware :)

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