Where are your balls?

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I have just returned from the vet with my kitten Mischief minus his testicles. As I drove back my mind wandered to what I had done and what that meant.

Testicles are really a metaphor or even slang for having the gumption or courage to act. I remembered certain conversations I have had over the last few weeks with colleagues and clients started to noticed that a lot of people had given away their power to act.

One conversation came to mind most strongly, that of a client who spoke of their past and how they repeatedly felt dis-empowered, so much so that they now were struggling to make decisions and act on their own. It was like they did not have the balls to make a decision about their own future.

I wondered about who, when and how this person lost their power (balls). I know from my own experience that marriage took a severe toll in my life – it was insidious and sneaky, compounding and constant. I remember sitting in my first personal development seminar in 2007 completely unaware that I had lost my own balls and replaced them with jelly and ice cream – for that’s how much use they were!

I am not language specialist but in conversations with people I can hear the sentences that that tell a story of dis-empowerment and loss of courage and power. Can you hear it in others? Have you heard it in yourself?

I think the greatest skills we can acquire is to hear what we say, when we are not achieving our business goals or life isn’t going as we would like – to really listen to ourselves and ask that question – where are my balls – when did someone steal my testicles
Then go out there and get them back……

To our mutual success, wealth and happiness

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