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I wrote a blog for Virgin about active responsibility but the underlying message was the concept of values. We all value something; each of us gives different values and weights to different things. That was really clear to me in the Money programme on BBC 2 Tuesday 29th (one of 3 parts).

The successful people and gurus/ experts were asked what do you spend your money on and each one said nothing really – there was not anything that they really bought – other than the freedom to choose how they spent their time.

I thought that was really fascinating … we can always get more money (within reason) we can earn it, leverage it, borrow it or steal it … but we can’t get more time. There are only 60 seconds in a minute and 1440 minutes in a day. The one unknown is the length of the dash … the dash on our grave stone.

So what do you value, what are you prepared to work hard for …. Work hard (or smart) and earn the money to give you the freedom to do?
Personally I am not a materialistic person – I want to scuba dive and learn about the sea and taking better photographs, spending that “free” time with Bob and other friends and family. That’s where my value lies and to support that I have learnt how to leverage my money to give me that time.

What would you – or do you – choose to spend your time doing …. Is that enough to keep you motivated and focused when the times get tough – because that’s what we all need right now. So what drives you?

To our mutual success, wealth and happiness
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