What is your time worth?

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Have you noticed how the same messages appear in your life over and over? I have been so busy this year – what a great experience so many opportunities from my book launch to speaking engagements, coaching clients, mentees and people wanting me to build their portfolios for them.

The same message keeps appearing…we can understand the concept of leveraging money – great make our money work for us – but if you don’t leverage your time then you will be rich but not time to enjoy it.

If you just leverage you time you will have plenty but be poor (as spent money on staff but not income).

So you have to do both…

The challenge is recognising what your time is worth…

I was talking to a client about their business – they were proud to tell me how busy they were – in fact they worked 40 hour a week. They also charged a healthy hourly rate but they were exhausted.

So busy working in the business that they had no time to work on the business.

We talked about the implications of raising the price of their service. They were scared that they would lose business. By using “the maths” I showed them that increasing their prices by just 14% or £10 they could earn the same money but work 5 hours a week less (only 85% of the time).

They were already at maximum time and client numbers, so now they could increase the prices for new clients and gradually increase for existing (or offer existing clients the opportunity to buy a programme to secure the lower price).

With the extra time they gained they could start to plan how to expand their obviously successful business – maybe more staff, maybe a partner – but now they had time to think and to make decisions.

Have you looked at how you use your time – are you making the most of it – are you so far in your business that you can’t see the opportunities for growth?

To our mutual success, wealth and happiness
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