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Phew… it’s the third week of November, only 20 days ’til I go diving again, and that started me thinking about everything I had done in this last year…what an amazing time full of opportunities. What have you been up to?   I have spent this year mixing with and becoming friends with some brilliant entrepreneurial investors and business people. I have attended training courses, networking events, and conferences. I have literally talked with and met thousands of people. I have spoken a number of times at the UK Property Investors Network meeting and last week I was acknowledged as one of the “Experts in the Room” at the Berkshire Property Meet .

Alongside all this socialising, networking and talking I have still managed to buy on average 1-2 properties a month all year, AND have two other diving holidays. I have managed to create my perfect job, I decide when I work, who I work with, where I work and what I do. I have balanced educating myself, supporting others, investing for myself, investing for others with personal development and fun. Bob and I have studied and improved our underwater photography skills, and on this diving holiday we will be taken the final steps towards becoming Master Scuba Divers.

I just love life, love the people I meet and love what I am doing – how about you?
If you want to change things in your life, maybe your need to change who you mix with, get more education, get yourself a mentor (I have two and they are both brilliant :) ), maybe you need to look at your goals and what you are really looking to achieve and most importantly why – what are you going to do to make nest year your best year yet?

Let me know and happy planning :)

To our mutual success, wealth and happiness
Vicki – The Property Mermaid

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I am a Property Sourcer, Investor, Entrepreneur and Adventurer. I am passionate about property, scuba diving, and helping people become independently wealthy.