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This has been sooooo difficult and yet so simple …. what a strange experience! As some of you know I had a chance email from my Ecademy profile inviting me to contribute to a new Ebook called 378 Predictions for doing business in 2010. What a simple idea (thought I!). I realised that one of my longer term hopes had been to write a book.

Tom EvansI took a brilliant series of classes with Tom Evans –The BookWright back in 2008 I think. Anyway I shelved the idea as the buzz of property investing took me by storm. Now here I am with three chapters in the bag and five more to be recorded today. It has been so easy because I am doing what I love best …..



TALKING !!! And talking about property with great people! What could be better – this is definitely not work ( :) Haa haa). The easy part has been the conversations themselves. I have been lucky enough to know really great professional investors that are prepared to share their experiences and knowledge so that our future readers can really understand the pros and cons of the various financial strategies that are being used in 2010.

Of course there is often a struggle to create anything that is good and will stand out and this book will be no exception to that rule :) The process of engaging people – to invite them or show them the benefit of this opportunity – has been a challenge. Why? well because what I see as a great idea – which it is – may not come at a time that is convenient to other people. I have really learnt over the last eight weeks or so that people are busy following their own paths, investing in property, and my great idea my not be one of their goals or even one of their interests no matter how brilliant I think it is!

The second challenge if you like has been the sheer administration and organisation of arranging a series of interviews with multiple interviewees at mutually convenient defined times and then getting the technology to co-operate :) I had such a trauma yesterday when “Pamela” (the recording software), decided to hide the first one hour call from me and I tVicki - The PropertyMermaidhought it hadn’t recorded. Well the second hour was hysterical as I both “Pamela’d”, video’d and Dictaphone recorded the conversation, along with one of the contributors recording too !! Madness. Turns out the software had cut off half way through on the first call but had then “hidden” the recordings under My Documents !!! (still shaking with the trauma as I write this !!!)

Anyway the great news folks is that the Ebook is now out of my prolonged planning phase and fully in development. Three chapters have been recorded and been sent to the back office team to transcribe, edit and compile. Another five chapters today and then 3 more next week. Next task is to get all the videos (some brilliant high profile experts have contributed their advice too) off to be edited and compiled. Then I will start the final process of writing all my sections, off to the proof readers and then to the Ebook designer (very excited). Timeline for finishing end of April 2010!! – early May after my brilliant next holiday to South Africa. Can’t wait… for the holiday or the book :)

Whew – yours the creative tempest and Property Mermaid

To our mutual success, wealth and happiness
Vicki – The Property Mermaid


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