The best use of 15 hours of my time :)

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I am exhausted but elated :) I had a full on 15 hours of back to back networking yesterday! The day started at 9 am in Wandsworth with the Entrepreneurs from MAPs a brilliant and supportive mastermind group of property investors, business entrepreneurs and all round nice people. Lindsay Hopkins hosted an excellent group mastermind session and in two hours I met, helped, shared, was helped and developed my passion and focus with 20 other entrepreneurs.  After a short coffee break we started the next with

Ryan PinnickRyan Pinnick who spoke passionately about using social media to promote your brand and business :) After “free-style” networking over lunch we headed into a second business development and action setting session. This group is brilliant apart from weekly calls with our buddies we also get a real shot in the arm with a session on “resetting our course”, remembering what we want to achieve and clearly defining the very next step we need to take, and then publicly committing to it :)

I’d better get on and write my book !!! :)

Eventually we headed over to Victoria to the UK Property Investor Network with Corne Rudolph, where I was part of the Expert PanelRohan Weerasinghe – answering questions from the audience – helping new investors and more experienced investors get focused, get over hurdles or simply take action. Last night we heard Rohan Weerasinghe speak, third time so far this year for me – and a new message and emphasis every time!  He is a top man !! When Rohan finished I got Bob to help me record the final few videos for the Ebook. Rohan, Ryan and Craig all shared the experience, advice and tips on How to Buy Property Using Other People’s Money.

And then back into more networking! I had detailed conversations with 20 plus another 14 property investors, 4 potential clients, 3 joint venture partners, 3 mentees, 2 mentors and of course Rohan Weerasinghe :) – a great use of 15 hours :)

Have a great day – your exhausted Mermaid :)
Off to finish writing my book :)


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