Spoiling a good thing?

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As the pressure of work or the pressure to make sales increases it’s really easy to look for quick solutions that are actually doomed to fail.

I love Tuesdays – they are “Dinka Day” – that’s the name of the amazing lady that cleans my house for a living. I love Tuesdays – I have a good thing going, a good system or team.

This morning as I finally put away the giant ironing pile I started to think “why don’t I ask Dinka to do my ironing as well… She has time”?

As quickly as the idea hit my head, so did the idea that I am a control freak and would she do the ironing to my standard or my particular way?

I soon realised that while it was not going to be a deal breaker, if she took on the ironing and I didn’t like it. But if I started to correct her I could ruin a good thing.

If I started from the point “I need to find someone to do my ironing” I might contact an ironing agency, or place an advert. Dinka may or may not apply – depending on whether she likes or is good at ironing or not. I would search for and appoint someone based on skills not shoe-horning a task into someone’s convenient schedule!

This can apply to ourselves as well as our team members. Have you asked your solicitor to look at a contract outside of their scope of expertise? We were tempted recently on a large development deal we thought we might secure through an option.

Are you using a bookkeeper to complete your tax return or worse doing it yourself?

I wonder how many employees in larger companies are being asked to carry out tasks that they are not qualified or skilled to do and what detrimental effect that could have on customer service or even profits?

Are you bringing a build team you know miles to your deals rather than find a local build team – another false economy!?!

Think about your team – they are vital to the speed and ease of your success – are they the right people in the right positions. What false economies are you making or what great relationships and employees are you risking?

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