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Media coverage matters - talent doesn't

Media coverage matters – talent doesn't

This may seem like a strange thing to blog about on a PropertyMermaid blog – but I feel really strongly …. I have never bothered with “X Factor- Strictly Come” waste of time telly, what I discovered this year is a couple of things – one I work really hard and sometimes brain numbing TV is a great way to change the pace of the day, to relax and my family really enjoy it, it is something we can share together. Second – even better – is Sky+ which means we can skip through to the singing and comments and watch the whole program in under an hour ….


Over the weeks I had come to like Simon Cowell, a man who I saw as not afraid to speak his mind, consistent, experienced and talented in his field –  I was starting to admire his integrity.

Yesterday, I spent my Sunday at a private training session run by Rob Moore of Progressive Property, yet another brilliant course and I can’t wait for more in the New Year … as part of the course we discussed the traits certain people had, who was influential, who had integrity and Simon Cowell’s name came up … how ironic that just hours later Simon was to turn into a coward, a man with out integrity in my eyes.

Why do I feel so strongly, strongly enough to write about? because Simon had taken a very public stand over the

Simon Coward
Simon Coward

previous weeks, he said that the twins lacked talent and could not sing, that X-Factor was about singing talent, he also said just prior to the final sing off that he would vote based on best performance. ….. then without explanation he chose to give up the opportunity to turn the programme back to a singing competition.

I appreciate people change their minds – I do – however I also explain my new thoughts. I can’t help wondering if the sing off had been between Jamie Archer and the twins, that Simon’s approach would have been different. I realise it is all about the media and that is what grates on me – Simon claimed the show was about singing talent – I believed him and started to respect him – I feel betrayed – I feel he is a coward and lacks integrity!

This is a great lesson, I believe, in consistency, communication, values and honesty, being clear about the public stands you take. In my business (unlike in show business)  and in my business partners; integrity and honesty are valued traits …. shame …

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