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It is quite difficult sometimes – with all the pressures we are under to be creative, reflective, inspirational. The hussle and bussle – the noise, the distractions. That is one of the reasons I love scuba diving :) Peace and quiet, the warm water, the gentle current (if you are lucky) and the amazing opportunities to see new things or see them in a different way.

During this month’s trip to Nuweiba, we dived a site called the Sinkers. It is a mooring buoy that the Israelies accidently dropped in 30 meters of water, but with only 20 meters of chain! So the main mooring bell is floating 10 meters below the surface and has been for some 15-20 years. Over that time the sea has reclaimed the surface and it is now like an underwater floating island in the middle of the blue :)

We approached the Sinker from below, the view up the chain towards the surface was amazing. The chain rising out of the dark deep blue depths of 30 meters towards the surface, the light and the other divers near the top. Sinkers chain Once I reached the bell at the top of the chain I could see all the bubbles caused by divers below exhaling had been caught under the mooring buoy and created a mirror. I swam opposite from Bob, my dive buddy and took this photo of him photographing me in the reflection. A very strange and interesting effect – I think. Reflections


There are strange things to be seen above ground too, from unusal lighting effects to new views or perspectives. Pier at DawnHere I used the camera setting to distort the light readings of the camera and give the  impression that everything was pink, when really it was bright early morning sun.

Here Bob used the camera to create a reverse impression, a negative from a postive. Shadows

There are still so many opportunities out there in the market, but we need to see things from a different angle, the old ways don’t always work anymore. It is not just about getting back to the basics of business it is also about driving business forward. Seeing more clearly, turning our heads and seeing what lies to the left, right or even above us.

What opportunities have you spotted ?

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