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Whew what a day yesterday … I had the pleasure and the opportunity to help Rob, Mark and the team from Progressive Property, at one of their stonkingly good, one day, Mastermind training events, while they trained a room full of potential investors to become professional property investors. I first met them in 2007, funnily enough through Chris Howard trainings … Rob is a powerful showman and master networker … Mark the economic genius and dare I say business brains – together they make and excellent team. The clients that attend their events are always guaranteed the most up to date content, fun and value for money.

This Saturday I offered to help them out, smiling and greeting many of the 250 guests as they arrived for an action packed, fun and informative day in the company of the stripped pair in fact, they are a bit like the stripped musketeers now as Dan and Simon have joined the team. What a brilliant day … do you want to know why?

Rob and Mark…. Nice people … not just the delegates …the team … from the ‘Boys’ to their mums, girl friends and friends, past clients, current clients and others :) What a pleasure to spend time in the company of genuinely nice people, you can’t help feel that they really care about the people they work with, their team and their clients, don’t get me wrong Rob and Mark are astute businessmen too, however there is a real sense that they are willing to share and support everyone in the room. Once again – I can’t help but mention mindset, Mark and Rob have the mindsets of real entrepreneurs, by sharing openly they encourage others to come close and do business.



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