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Vicki’s sensational 2nd book has been ranked as an Amazon Best Seller has inspired many articles and publication under the topic. Vicki looks at the ways in which you can begin you investment journey buy creating a business out of your knowledge, just like she has done herself. From covering each strategy; the benefits, the drawbacks and of course the cost (financial and personal), to helping the reader understand client relations and business finance, Using Other People’s Money is a must have for anyone interesting in beginning their property journey and wanting and concise, information and inspiring how to guide to get them there.



I got home after the coaching and dissected everything we spoke about and realise that I took a lot from the session. As a result I have just put together some structured lists on what I need to do regarding my thinking, my portfolio, my finances and my sourcing business.
The clarity that has brought is amazing and it suddenly struck me that I have never been that detailed before. I can really see the benefits and it feels good.  Matthew

I finished Using Other People’s Money: How to invest in Property this morning, really found both of your books a fantastic read with plenty of gold nuggets to take away. So thank you for the great value you’ve added to my life, looking forward to reading your third book! Luke Skelton

Read your book 3 times and got more out of each time. I realise now that I was blinkered I thought I had to save for 3 years and buy a place in Clapham for a capital return – thank you so much – can I work with you? James Kinsley


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Only £12.99