Oh no my phone died :(

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Oh no I am truly devastated! I went to switch my phone from silent to ring after an interview for some research work I have been doing and it was stuck, the time said 12.00 and I knew it was 1.10pm ! I switched the power off to restart it and now it won’t come on again – not at all !!!Fortunately at home we have a draw full of old phones (not sure why!) and in there were two versions of my Nokia 6310i,you may remember I wrote about how wonderful my phone was only last month – that’s probably what jinxed it !
Anyway, Bob came to the rescue and switched the phones over for me and we managed to create one new phone out of all the old bits. The number 2 and the number 9 are a bit temperamental but at least it still works.

Then the second disaster of the day (as if anything could be worse than the phone dying?) NO NUMBERS !!!! it seems that you can save numbers to either the phone or the Sim card ! Great now you tell me !!! And yes you guessed it …. My phone numbers are all saved on the phone that doesn’t work.

Not to be put off and ‘devastated’ any longer we made plans. Bob searched for a local repair shop and headed off to the wilds of Hayes to see if they could retrieve the numbers. I headed upstairs to email all my contacts and ask them to text me or email me their numbers – whew! Back in touch in no time. The only problem will be the last few remaining numbers, especially Nathan … an old friend from University, (I always text him once a year on his birthday and he always rings me a week before mine as he can never quiet remember it). I thought that I would get his number back when the repair shop fixed the phone.

Well to cut a long story short (or an even longer story even shorter!), I spent the last week staring at the phone because it doesn’t ring out loud (yes I checked the settings – except we (Bob of course) later found out that while I had personalised the settings to ring, there is a section that also said don’t ring for anything !!). I was meant to re-enter all my old numbers, but because I was busy and hoped the repair shop would rescue me I didn’t, and this old phone still had a dodgy number 9 and 2!? Now I get messages from people saying ‘hi’ and I have no idea who they are, so I have to keep texting back saying please tell me who you are :):):)

Then the dark day arrived … the phone shop says the numbers are truly lost for ever. It seems that years (and I mean six or seven years) of accidentally dropping the phone finally cracked the main board ! I was so so so sad, it was like losing and old friend. Bob was quite excited at the thought of dragging me to a phone shop to buy a new one. I began to wonder if that was more about him getting vicarious pleasure at my expense. I resisted and I am currently mourning the loss of my old phone (mourning or sulking – its such a fine line, no definitely mourning that is grief attached to this loss L). Fortunately I am a little consoled by the fact that the draw replacement phone is now ringing out loud, but I do have to re-read every text message before I send it in case the 9 or 2 meant I typed something rude in error :)

The question is how long before I bow to pressure and buy a new model !!??


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