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2011 has been my foray into the 21st century, some may point out its 11 years later but I say there are still 89 years to go so I am ahead of schedule. 18 months ago Thomas Power said get a Blackberry as I-phones and other androids (get me with the language) were not user friendly – sadly I ignored him. I have clung ferociously to my Nokia 6310 as a dear and droppable friend.

Thomas also said that engaging with people through social media is a business-critical activity – blog weekly, video monthly and best of all tweet daily. Not so easy from the long distance of the 18th century – haa haa. So I found my own system to engage with this modern world.

I outsourced the process! Now previous blogs will explain how traumatic that was ….With the help of “she who won’t be named or plugged again”  I prepare ordinary tweets, link my diary in advance and they are scheduled then daily tweets are texted to Hannah and she puts them up for me. – Yes I know some might say it is madness – actually it is about saving time.

Facebook, Linkedin, Flickr, You Tube, Ecademy and at least another 20 sites that bombard us daily with requests to join or connect. I want to have exchanges online with the same attention and presence as I do if we were to meet face to face. Unfortunately, that means all day everyday online and no work unless you get your system sorted.

So for the easy things like where am I and why I think you need to know or go – I can schedule that (or Hannah can for me). I can spend time on the relationship building, which can happen through twitter. I was stunned that 140 characters could build a relationship but it does.

Hannah is very patient she monitors the #hashtags that I want to follow and monitors mentions or re-tweets and then sends to me in a summary so that I can reply. When I am out if urgent she will text or call. It works for me.

What has worked for me is seeing the business benefit, the new people joining me daily either as a follower or through my newsletter, people buying my book or booking a strategy session or even asking me to source for them (as one client did!)

People are checking you out online whether you like it or not, so why not speak to them – speak with them, in whatever environment they are comfortable – go where you clients are.

Now I can see the benefit – I have finally phoned my mobile provider and requested an upgrade to the 21st Century – beware!


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