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I love underwater photography, I am not sure what makes it so exciting, is it the new creatures you discover? the challenge of taking a good shot while floating, or resisting a current at depths up to 90 feet below the surface? is it the memories it brings back? – who knows, but I am hooked.

If I could, I would spend every waking moment below the sea somewhere (with warm water – I am a bit choosy :) ). I would surface only to change my tanks and briefly rest before diving again. That is what motivates me to be successful in business. Some people want cars, houses or other ‘things’. I want to scuba dive every warm water reef in the world. We are not doing too badly, in the last ten years Bob and I have dived in Hawaii, Mexico, Cuba, Corfu, Kenya, Maldives, Philippines, and of course repeatedly in the Red Sea. We didn’t dive on trips to Crotia, Italy, Sicily, Kalyminos, Crete, Zante, Lanzarote, Sri Lanka, Florida or anywhere in the UK (since my only experience in Chertsey Lock !). The waters were too cold, visible too poor and sandy or on two occasions my broken arm couldn’t take the pressure !

Over the years we have taken up photography and then studied via an Open University course to improve our digital techniques and more recently on an Underwater Photography course with Ocean Visions.  Not only have my pictures improved and developed over the years from the classically over blue shots that everyone gets to some new and remarkably pictures (even if I do say myself). Check out the Album on Flickr.

When diving, especially in calm waters, you get plenty of time to think, to look, to focus … no noise, speaking or music just the sound of your bubbles as you exhale and occasionally the sound of the fish crunching on the coral. It is then that you really get the time to focus and think – obviously about the shot you are taking, but that is just a metaphor for business. Unfortunately in the economic climate at the moment, all the madness and noise in the market – it is hard to hear yourself think – all the more reason to find that quiet spot and listen – focus. What shot are you aiming for, what target market, what deal, what tenant? What are you focusing on? Have you checked out all the small stuff you could be missing?

How big is my finger? can you see the small stuffLook at the size of my finger compared to the Mantis and Pop Corn shrimp. To find opportunities like this you have to look carefully and thoroughly, or you have to be shown Mantis shrimpwhere the secrets lie. That’s why you need to network, talk to people, train, get support, get a mentor. Spot the opportunities (for a good shot) and take them, use help, learn your craft. Pop Corn ShrimpFind the small things that make a difference that others are missing :)

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