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Sean ThomsonIf you have ever spoken to me in person you will know my views on NMD deals, irrevokeable agreements and the like … I like to sleep at night :)  Last night I slept perfectly after listening to a really informative and content packed talk by Sean Thomson – international speaker and property investor.

Sean was speaking at the UK PropertyInvestors Network meeting at the Grosvenor Hotel, Victoria. Sean explained the simple steps to marketing Lease Options, the sequencing and of course the importance of a great team. Lease Options enable investors to take control of properties, helping the home owner or landlord along the way. Most importantly, in terms of wealth creation, Lease Options enable the investor to benefit from increased cashflow without taking on a mortgage – the ultimate in No Money Down deals. Not a single beach of the Council of Mortgage Lenders code – not a dodgey grey area in sight :) and that definitely puts a smile on my face :) :) :)

Networking is part of that sequence and in the room you will find an important part of your team :) If you are serious about investing in property and doing it in a “headache free – shirt keeping” way then you absolutely must stay upto date with the last news, techniques and of course contacts. Last night a lot of investors heard about the “6 Month Rule” for the first time – knowing key information like this can make or break a deal …. make or break your financial future. Investing is not a “get rich quick scheme” – it is an exciting business, full of opportunities and possibilities – and I love it :)

So what did you do last night?
Did you learn anything that will impact on ability to become independently wealthy?

Here’s to investing the ethical, ‘win-win’ way and creating a lot of wealth in the process :)

To our mutual success, wealth and happiness
Vicki – The Property Mermaid

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