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I have been aware of the benefits of social media vaguely for about 2-3 years and more seriously from January 2011 when I took a weekend course with Penny and Thomas Power of Ecademy. I clearly remember the instructions from Thomas; Tweet daily, Blog weekly  – What I really understood from it was that it was about having conversations.

I remember when I first joined Facebook– I didn’t want to play the games and I didn’t make friends with people without pictures. I also checked out their “Walls” to see what they posted and if it was all push and sell I ignored them too.

That was the point if it was about “friends” (and friends of friends of friends) then you couldn’t sell to them and you couldn’t be sold too – it just didn’t seem like the right etiquette. That was also true of auto-responders – automatically and routinely thanking me for connecting – not much of a thank you really given that you asked to be my friend but then when I said yes you just gave a standard reply.

Now look at Britain’ Got Talent or #BGT, I watched this on rerun on Sunday lunchtime, as one of the judges or “talent” made a comment that sounded like a “sound bite” a hash tag quickly appeared in the bottom right corner – inviting you effectively to engage with the conversation.

Get me the Digital Muppet!… let me explain a hash tag # – on twitter the information over load and volume of conversations is defining – using a # hash tag effectively filters the conversations to a topic that you would like to listen to and contribute to. It filters all the various gazillion tweets to only those mentioning the # of your choice.

An example – as the vocal group called The Sailor Men performed David Walliams called to Simon Cowell and said – “they could be the New One Direction” in the bottom corner #NewOneDirection appeared. If you check Twitter 1,000’s of people are expressing their opinions under this heading with other people interested in this heading.

At that’s the point it doesn’t matter what you think about it – there are people speaking about it and you have a choice to participate or not. Perfect.

So how does this relate to business – first I think Simon Cowell and his team are exceptional astute business people – everything is managed and planned. Their use of Twitter during the programme, not to mention phone apps (don’t ask me DM moment) is a brilliant marketing strategy for the business.

Whether you follow the # or not – if you post a comment using it then your “followers” can see it and those that think they like what you like or might be interested in same thing will then follow and adopt the # and join the conversation.

I have attempted to use # myself – when I had my book launch in March. I abbreviated the book title from Make More Money from Property to MMMFP, I made sure I have a # and website and a plan and then set about sharing tips under that conversation stream. I post links to my blogs and occasionally direct to my book sales page.

I learnt that by picking something I understand and without the benefit of several million viewers on TV – generating a conversation is hard work but doable.

Watch BGT and learn – get thinking about what conversations you want to have with people and what # could you use so they can find you, #property, #wealth, our new property event #LPC??? Sadly that is taken by a law group  ….

What # do you use? Are you engaged in the debate?

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