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Grr! I have been feeling so frustrated! I can see things so clearly, I understand the business opportunity, I know where the profit is, I know what the risk is. I also have done my research and I understand the immediate business environment I am working in and I have looked at the wider implications of the economic environment. Why can’t everyone else see what I see?

Time and time again I would go to Property network meetings, training events, and business meetings. I would talk to intelligent people, often independently successful business people… yet they did not seem to recognise the same opportunities I saw in the property market – I found myself very frustrated.

I know from my NLP training that people have different backgrounds, experiences, values, beliefs – I  know that, but the teacher in me wanted to be able to get the message across and I wasn’t. I spoke to one of my valued mentors, Mark Dalton, and he said “You can’t push string! It can only follow!” I was a little confused until he explained the analogy. Leading by example!

It can be quite challenging when you change direction and embark on a new career or get passionate about a new hobby, sport, topic, business concept or area of knowledge. Those around may not share the same passion or understanding that you do. Alternatively they may understand the concept but it does not fit with their values or beliefs.

All that is left is to accept this new understanding, focus my engergies on my goals and share my knowledge and experience with those people that choose to ask or listen. My passion remains focused on achieving my goals, and the people I meet can breathe more easily as, my almost zealous desire to convert everyone to the new beliefs I hold, is toned down and redirected – whew :)

Passion can be an amazing driving force in your personal and business life, it can also be a real hurricane for anyone passing by your direction. I am definitely more calm now. I don’t need to convert everyone I see into becoming a property investor :) More importantly for my friends I don’t need to bore everyone with a single over-riding topic of conversation – balance is restored, disaster overted :)…for now anyway :)

To our mutual success, wealth and happiness
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