Is there a right question? A right answer?

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I was at a recent Ecademy Black Star Boardroom with fellow successful business people and entrepreneurs. Boardrooms provide a supportive environment where you can raise business questions, challenges or new ideas and get help through questioning from your co-board members.

As part of the process I asked a series of questions and a colleague turned to me after the meeting and asked me the question – was there a right answer or a right question?

I think that’s a really interesting philosophical point – but we won’t delve too far down that path.

What about certain business questions – are there right ones you should be asking? Are there “right” answers you should be looking for?

I believe the answer is yes – a point was made about questions that consultants often ask in business situations.

In the current economic climate it is vital to know the answers to the following;• Who are you clients – specifically?
• What is there pain or problem?
• Why are you specifically the solution?
• How do they start to make contact or work with you?

We need to make it easy for people to do business ….

My answers are ….
• My clients are employed with income over £70,000 or have been running a profitable business for more than 5 years. They are 35-55 years old and they will be able to apply for a mortgage easily. They often own their own home almost mortgage free, or have savings from bonuses that are not giving them any real return on investment.
• They do not have the time to think about pensions or how they are going to retire early – they are trapped in work, and don’t realise they could be making their money work for them.
• I started investing in my financial freedom in August 2008 and in a time of global economic chaos I bought a property portfolio that meant by Autumn 2010 I no longer have to work for money. I now write books and help other people achieve their own financial freedom. In just under 3 years I have worked with approximately 30 clients to increase their financial security by over £1,000,000.
• When I meet people and they realise that they haven’t been thinking about their money – how it is not working hard enough or how they are working too hard – I send them a couple of questionnaires to get them thinking about their money, assets and financial needs. We then meet face to face in a one to one strategy meeting often in London and I help them identify a different way of Making More Money – from Property. 80% of my clients have gone to ask me to source property for them as a way to achieve a level of greater financial security. A few become mentees and want to start their own property businesses.
What are your answers? Am I your client? Do I know your client? Are you my client?


To our mutual success, wealth and happiness
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