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the-moon What’s going on? Yesterday I was thinking about how planning has really helped me. Helped me to focus, to feel less stressed, to really set the momentum for my business. This morning its like I am on a different planet! I Just got a call from someone who was going to work for me saying sorry they got home late and didn’t read my email. Well that’s handy because I just remembered that even though I spent ages adding comments and questions to the master document – I never emailed it to them !!!

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Then on top of that I am just about to have a coaching session with Johnnie  Cass, my Chris Howard coach and realise I haven’t had an acknowledgement  from my pre-coaching notes. (I always send Johnnie an email or more like an ‘essay’ on what’s been going on, what’s gone well, how I have celebrated that and what I have learnt). I have just spent 20 minutes looking through my out box, deleted emails, everywhere looking for this document (I had been a bit over excited the other night and done another of my middle of the night writing moments – I was at my sister’s house and so emailed – I thought to myself).

Then at the very last minute I found it, whew! At least I won’t have to drive to my sister’s house to resend it! Unfortunately I didn’t email it to Johnnie at all. All that preparation for nothing. It was so careless not to check or follow through …. What is this trying to tell me ??

Well the first thing I am going to do today, is every bit of outstanding admin, the insurance claim for the holiday, check the invoice for one of the properties and call the solicitor.

Then I am going to make all those connections that have been piling up, emails about events I think my friends and contacts should know about. Connections with new people that I have met, some connections with people I haven’t spoken to in ages. Then I am going to prepare for tomorrow, print documents and edit files.

By the end of today – no matter what time that is – I will be totally clear. My plan is to focus on only three actions per day that will that lead to my goals, this is a great idea. What is missing in my life is an administration assistance. Time to think about outsourcing !!

I can’t believe it, it’s like the universe suggests something and if I ignore it then I may get a jolly good thump to remind me !!! Johnnie had suggested that I read a new book called the Four Hour Working Week by Tim Ferris – have you read it? My personal development time up until now had been spent on courses and I hadn’t read the book as agreed.

Well here is the lesson – in person! Its not about time management, its about priorities. Focusing on what’s important (well yes – obviously I have been doing that and that’s what is causing the problem). That’s because I forgot (well hadn’t read about) outsourcing the non-essentials to someone else !

So next on the list is a personal assistant. Strange because one of the emails I forgot to send was all about that. Talk about circles!!

Lessons for the day, if given advice at least check it out and then decide how important it is. Outsource all non-essential tasks (You may think you can’t afford it – actually can you afford not to? And you can often outsource work to someone else at considerably less then you charge for it).

Off to attend to my priorities for the day !

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