I am a lousy Vegan

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That is not a statement about veganism – more my ability to follow the rules rigidly!

Last year in July and August I took time out for me, my health, my body and my sanity. I learnt a long time ago when I was a university lecturer that I work intensively for 12-18 weeks in a row and then need a break. Summer 2011 was long overdue.

So this year – especially given the potential impact of the Olympics on business meetings in London and business in general – I planned to take July and August off.

Now let’s be honest here – because clearly I am lousy at taking time off as well – I am still working with 5 mentees, taking booking for the new batch in September and still sourcing property deals for bespoke clients. Oh and final read through of Using Other People’s Money second edition AND final draft of book 3 (all will be revealed soon).

Aside from not being very good at time off, and not very good at being a vegan (I am still eating fish and I had an ice cream!) I know what is right for me and my business, for my health and my wealth.

I know what the rules are and I know why they make sense. I have stopped beating myself up over my mistakes and transgressions – my aim is to give myself a break.

My aim is to take the wasted energy of blame and justification and poor that into rest, relaxation and even more success as a result.

Dairy products are just weird – no other animal on the planet consumes the lactate produce of another being (but ice cream is nice when we get a summer’s day – I hope I will choose a fruit lolly – we’ll see).

Red meat is so hard for the human stomach to digest – some are more able than others – I want to give my stomach a break and only eat fresh vegetables and fruit, free from chemicals and additives.

I know I work better when I have clearly written goals that I track and monitor – I know what to do – but it is with the help of my mentors that I succeed.

What rules do you know you need to follow – who is helping you? What are you lousy at?

Enjoy life – know the rules, recognise the consequences and make the best decisions you can – as often as you can – give yourself a break this summer :)

To our mutual success, wealth and happiness
Vicki – The Property Mermaid
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