Hindsight is a wonderful thing

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I wrote a blog about time travel and the lessons we can potentially learn and it made me realise that some people would go back in time not so much to learn from a lesson but to change the actual action or activity that caused the learning.

I really do know that some lessons are painful; my former husband’s beating of my father, my divorce, my daughter’s loss of a parent (through that divorce). But I wouldn’t change a thing, I don’t regret – I recognise that everything is a lesson (I choose to believe that). I would not be the person I am today were it not for my experiences and my reactions to that experience.

What I would do if I were to return to the past with purpose – in effect to influence the time line. Would be to experiment with certain investment decisions and see what impacts those decisions had on me and those around me.

For example I invest in property, I have not always done this. I learnt quite early on that certain strategies that were popular were also foolish (without boring you the example that springs to mind is handing over a relatively small amount of money in exchange for a massive mortgage on an over-valued off-plan flat in a city centre).

So I thought what if I could go back and buy a house for £3,000 and keep it, or buy some land or many other examples…. I was then challenged with how could I make this happen, I would have to take money because if my family had the money available and spare the chances were that they may have bought property anyway.

So what currency should I take – our paper money would not be valid (it’s hardly valid now!!)

What if I could take gold?

And that lead me to realise that to buy gold now (which is relatively expenses compared to prices in the past) and then transfer it back in time to make a purchase would actually increase the cost of the purchase – so maybe my bargain £3,000 house would in effect cost closer to £30,000 or more by comparison.

The truth is unless you observe – you can never really use a time machine to make you rich. It’s the decisions and actions that you make now that matter. Hindsight is a wonderful thing – because it is the ability – I believe – to observe the lesson without emotionally baggage.

To our mutual success, wealth and happiness
Vicki – The Property Mermaid

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