Have you ever felt that you are running too fast?

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Cancer Research Run 2008

Have you ever felt that you were running too fast, whether in life or in the gym? Yesterday I was down the gym and as part of my warm up I used the running machine. I set the programme as normal (or so I thought) and set off. The machine gradually got faster and then too fast! I had to reduce the speed – that was odd – had I suddenly become incredibly unfit in a week? Then Darren my personal trainer  pointed out that the settings between Miles and Kilometers had been changed – whew! I thought it was me :)

As I set off for a second time, feeling much more comfortable, it made me think that there are definitely times when I feel like that in life, outside of the gym. Times when everthing seemed to be getting away from me, a feeling of not being able to keep up. Quite an unpleasant feeling that’s for sure!

After about three minutes of running I was starting to recognise that the new planning method I had been using, could be the reason I felt that I was working and living life more at my pace. By planning my day and my week – I was in charge of the speed I was going/working. In fact I had also been giving myself some more time off – but that’s another story !

By reviewing my week and then planning the week ahead on a Friday, I am able to identify probable priorities and allocate sufficient time to tackle them. I say probable priorities because I also realise that the post on Monday can always throw a surprise spanner in the works. However if I don’t plan then Monday morning comes and there is no particular task to start just a great pile of things to do.

I did of course go a little mad and become the “Spreadsheet Queen of West London” with multi-coloured boxes and who knows what else going on ! Still common sense prevailed and now a straight forward list of tasks, or business activities that need attention are slotted into my diary as if they were meetings. Time is allocated and of course “meetings” can be rescheduled if an important unforeseen task materialises.

Now I can jog along at my own pace, breathing easily, relaxed and yet focused – much easier than swapping miles for kilometers !


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