Have you ever felt helpless and abandoned?

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What a bizarre experience last week. I went to visit my daughter Charlie at university which then included the inevitable request to play taxi – so off we headed to the local supermarket to buy all the heavy things that were such a chore to bring home on public transport.

I was still on crutches as I couldn’t walk far on my poor ankle (having torn the ankle ligament in the Philippines some weeks earlier). As we parked the car Charlie noticed a row of wheelchair-cum-shopping trolleys – not something that they have at my local store.

The suggestion was made to stick me in the wheel chair as it would help rest my leg and enable them to shop more quickly. What a strange experience to feel helpless, often abandoned in aisles and unable to dictate my own direction.

As with almost everything that happens in my life I could see the parallels to business. I recognised how not having a goal or a strategic plan of action (a motivating force) can mean that a business is effectively put in a wheel chair with no-one pushing it.

I was fine when one of the girls would push me in the direction I wanted to go – when I wanted to go there. But at times they were busy – not focusing on me (their business) and I was left to sit and wait. I couldn’t achieve anything, I couldn’t buy anything, I couldn’t maintain momentum.

No-one can afford to sit and wait these days, there a plenty of opportunities out there, but you need a guiding, motivating plan to enable you to reach the targets (aisles) that you want – when you want.

If you are not clear on what you want to achieve – or how to do then there are a great many ways you can get that help from joining specific forums and groups (like our Ways to Wealth community page), you can get a coach and develop your goals, or a business coach and develop your strategic plan. We are even running a course in April to help you identify how you can spread them message to a wider audience.

As a post script to the story – through frustration I started to work out how to make the wheel chair move forwards and after many hysterical attempts even managed to occasionally turn the chair to another direction by twisting the wheels in opposing directions.

It certainly set us on the path to developing our strategic plans for this year – see the video of Baileys the dog helping out.


Don’t let your business sit idly in a wheel chair, give it some direction, some power and keeping pushing in the direction you want to go :)

Here’s to our health, wealth and success :)
Vicki – The Property Mermaid

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To our mutual success, wealth and happiness
Vicki – The Property Mermaid

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