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Are we incompatible or perfect partners? If you have a sleeping partner (in your bed rather than your business) how do you sleep? Does one like lots of bed clothes and the other want all the windows open? Or like me and Bob does one want their feet out of the bed (me) and the other like to be tucked in (Bob)?

As we went through the same nightly bed sheet battle we have been having for 12 years I wondered whether we were incompatible or perfect partners.

If your business partner has identical skills to you then all they add is another pairs of hands – which might be invaluable. What if they had a different skill set – or a different way of processing information then that would actually add value to the business – providing you develop a clear method of communicating!

So what about Bob and I – we are perfect partners (smile – followed by giant grin), because we complement one another. In business we need different amounts and types of information to process a deal – so I have to be adaptable to explain deals in “my language” and in his – this helps me with customer communication and reading how much to tell someone (still practicing).

I can be impulsive and Bob is calm, we both have great ideas – we just have different ones and that adds more business opportunities. He really sees things so differently from me and yet the same its like a great brainstorming session.

And of course my feet are hot and ready to warm when his feet are cold.

What about your business partner – are you compatible?

Do you struggle with communication? Do you see eye to eye or never agree? Which skills to you bring and which skills does your partner excel in?

To our mutual success, wealth and happiness
Vicki – The Property Mermaid

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