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Surrey Property Exchange - 2nd Monday of the month


Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons has a coaching and organisational background in Olympic sport and got involved in property via improving the houses he lived in and buying places abroad to escape too in order to break a 24/7 work cycle. His life in coaching and high performance sport revolved around helping people and getting the best out of circumstances faced. Those skill sets have helped him to immerse himself into the property world.

 The Surrey Property Exchange monthly network event was set up to fulfil a need for a property forum in Surrey and the surrounding area where we could get help, advice and knowledge on a shared and exchanged basis.

 People attending the Surrey Property Exchange are from many backgrounds with a common interest in property. Most have a lot of experience as investors and landlords and there are newcomers every month too who add variety and a fresh focus. The event is lucky enough to have a number of well known individuals as niche sponsors, people such as Rory O’Mara, John Cox and Graham Faulkner.

 What makes the event special? It is an independently run very interactive event, with a round table two way format. There is no hard selling from the front and there is a clear attempt each month to bring fresh information and new faces behind it all, so that everyone who comes can get a new perspective on the property business and how to improve their own strategy or business model. There are brand new property deals brought to life on the screen at each event by members looking to find buyers or JV partners, and there is an open forum every month too where members can raise queries or problems, with a strong chance of them being resolved by someone in the room.

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