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3rd Tuesday of the month


PEN Kent is hosted by Rick Walton, full-time property investor based in Ashford, Kent. In addition to being an investor, Rick is passionate about helping others on their journey into property and is an educational speaker. Rick’s portfolio and specialist areas include Buy-To-Let and larger multi-let (HMO) properties a number of which have been achieved using Other People’s Money by the use of Joint Ventures. Rick continues to grow his portfolio today alongside assisting clients in building their own financial freedom via property.


PEN Kent event itself has been running since January 2011 and now regularly attracts around 50 investors including both beginner and very experienced, professional tradespersons such as solicitors, electrician, estate agents and is a friendly and professional meeting which allows the attendees chance to make new contacts, ask challenging questions and learn new skills and strategies from the regular monthly guest speakers. Former speakers have covered topics such as flipping properties for large capital returns and alternative investments such as stocks and shares investing to name but a few. Due to the size of the group, attendees often comment on how friendly and accessible all the team are and how willing to help you move forward we are. New guests are always encouraged and welcomed and feel free to get in touch if you require any further assistance –

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