Do you gobble or do you chew?

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Sorry to do another blog about the kittens but really there is so much to learn from observing interactions and the explorations of others (humans or animals). I treated the kittens to half a king prawn this afternoon as I made my lunch – that was chaos.

I cut a prawn in half and then in half again – catching their attention was not difficult and I threw/ placed the two pieces on opposite sides of the room.

Mischief my small boy kitten immediately swallowed his piece whole and ran to the other side of the kitchen where his mother was sniffing, licking and generally familiarising herself with this new delicacy.

He pushed beneath her and swallowed hers whole.

I was just quick enough to grab him, turn him upside down and open his mouth before he could swallow – shaking the slightly mauled prawn onto the floor for Mum Minnie to have another go.

It was amazing to see their approach to food as a metaphor for some peoples approach to life.

Some rush to eat and experience life so quickly that they do not have time to appreciate and taste the flavour and nuance of the experience (I fear it is a growing majority). While others savour the moment almost to the point of losing the experience entirely.

How is your journey through life playing out – are you gobbling every moment without tasting and appreciating or are you at the other end where you are so busy observing and pondering on the potential of the experience you have forgotten to actually take a bite?

I am in the middle but towards the appreciation end of the scale. I have recognised how important each morsel of life is and I fully intend to savour every moment – the journey is just as important – if not more important than the destination. However, my appreciation of the experience will not be an excuse for missed opportunities and inaction. I will enjoy the journey on the way to my destination (I will do my best to have my cake and eat it too :))

What are you up to?

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