How do you react when disappointed?

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I remember one Christmas when we were meant to be flying out on holiday :) and yes the plane took off, then instead of turning right towards the glorious Red Sea in Egypt, where a week of diving awaited me, the plane turned left and dumped fuel over the North Sea just before landing back in Gatwick. Obviously a plane load of people were very disappointed.

An amazing thing happened, the captain left the secure confines of his cabin and spoke to the plane load of passengers, face to face. I was so impressed. I felt connected with, I saw and heard his disappointment, I saw and believed his genuine desire to fix this for us. It made such a difference to the experience.


Needless to say it all went pear shaped when we were handed over to the ground handling agent ! The plane didn’t get fixed before the cabin crew and pilot ran out of hours and we were going to spend the night in Gatwick. Communication was dreadful, but that’s another story. Later that day after being moved from pillar to post, queue here and then go over there and queue some more, we finally arrived at the hotel where we were to stay. By now tempers were fraying, understandably, many passengers were young families with babies and small children, they needed some certainty and rest. That’s when I saw a woman ranting uncontrollably at a member of staff in the hotel. I was beyond amazed. Why was she shouting and waving her arms at the hotel staff? They didn’t have anything to do with our delay, in fact I believe that we were lucky that they had space at such short notice on Boxing Day (okay I know the hotel made a lot of money). Why shout?

I understand that it may well have been her coping mechanism, her way of letting off steam and frustration. My thoughts turned to the ripples, what sort of ripples did that event create. Were they good ripples or bad ripples and who did they touch? Did the man she shouted at cope or did he go on to spread the ripples.

What ripples do I create, I hope they are positive :) I hope and aim to leave people better (if no worse) for their interaction with me. I am not sure that I am just talking about politeness, it feels more than that, it feels like actually caring about the people I meet, or connect with in someway.

I mentioned Joan of Arcadia before and how she never understood what the consequences or ripples of her actions would be, sometimes things went wrong and there were negative ripples which she would desperately and humorously attempt to redress. She was able to do this because she was aware of the disaster or incident she had just created – I don’t think in the real world that we always have that luxury. In the TV world even the negative ripples happen for a reason and it just took Joan a little time to learn what needed to be learnt, to see what needed to be seen. Maybe that’s a lesson for us too.

When things go wrong – what lessons can we learn? How can we avoid these mistakes in the future?

I guess this can all sound a bit too good to be true. “Does that mean you never get cross Vicki?” I hear you ask. Of course, cross; frustrated; BUT the more I practice the easier it is becoming. When something doesn’t go according to plan, I evaluated the situation work out what I can do to influence change in the direction I want. Where that doesn’t work – I think about what I could do differently in future. By choosing to reflect and think – I feel more in control – because I am thinking actively of solutions or what I can learn. I also do not need to vent at others. I am not a saint, you only have to ask my family!! :) It’s just that I just want to leave positive ripples.

However, there is a big caveat here – the consequence of thinking things through means that when I do identify where someone else has not kept their word, or completed their promise and then I do address this with them. Ok that’s a polite way of saying I discuss with them where in my opinion they went wrong! Again those of you that know me – know that I can be quite blunt and to the point. Mostly because it is unemotional, thought through and (in my opinion) right :)

Putting this into a business context it means that people I work with regularly and to some extent rely on, know where they stand, and if they can’t stand the heat they can choose to leave the kitchen. My ripples are going to be positive, my investment plans; phenomenal, fast and exciting and of course incredibly lucrative. We all have similar opportunities, we have have a choice :)

To our mutual success, wealth and happiness
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