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  1. Vicki  August 7, 2013

    Hi Glenn
    Thank you for getting in touch, maybe you can email me on and let me know more about your plans for property investment, what training you have done or books you have read and I willl see how I can help you
    very best wishes
    Vicki :)

  2. Glenn  August 6, 2013

    Hi Vicki,

    I chanced upon your website and was reading a few posts you wrote. I was thinking if you have the time to be a personal friend/mentor to me as I begin on my investing journey?
    I’ve been reading up on investment opportunities since 10 years ago, and have just graduated from college and starting out my first job.
    Would be honored to have you as my personal mentor.


  3. Vicki  May 22, 2013

    Hi Chetna

    thank you for your message and your kind words
    First it is very difficult for me to advice you – I dont know why you are planning to buy, why you choose Kingston or what your strategy is.

    What i would say is that a 4-7% net return is typical for London properties – if you are planning to get a cashflow strategy from property then this might not be the best return you can get – typiically we achieve 10-20% ROI depending on a client’s strategy. Maybe we should arrange a quick phone call – please email me and let us arrange a call
    very best wishes Vicki :)

  4. chetna  May 22, 2013

    Hi Vicki
    I wanted to let you know how I enjoyed licensing to you, Monday evening. You are truly an inspiration to someone like me.
    I recently lost my husband due to cancer and then my job. I need an income stream to support myself and the children. As a novice investor I’ve put an offer on two bed property in Kingston area for £315 giving me a net yield of 4.32%. Can you please advise me firstly if I’m paying the right price and secondly if I’m getting good enough yield.

  5. Vicki  March 11, 2013

    Hi Richard – super to meet you too.
    I am glad you have had this chance to review your options.
    In my humble opinions my coaching and mentoring programme offers similar support for a fraction of the cost
    1. While I don’t agree with hand holding – I do hold my clients accountable and I am available on a weekly basis for coaching and then adhoc as deals arrive and need discussing – my goal is to help you have the confidence needed to source deals and make investments
    2. As part of my programme there is time allocated each month for conversations and we frequently “chat” via email and text, we tend to coach on a formal basis and use the mentoring for live deals.
    3. My clients have access to my accountant, book keeper, tax advisor, insurance and mortgage broking teams along with copies and free access to all my paperwork. We are also working with a new partner to access funds help in pensions for commercial investment purposes. One of my team is a trained architect and they are very valuable in discussing deals.
    4. I only work with a very few clients in order that I can give personal attention to everyone, unless they are directly working with my business partner. As and when possible my clients meet at events, they work with me at exhibitions to get value sales experience and we meet when ever possible.

    Once my clients have been though one iteration of my programme and they have defined their own business area, strategy and client group, some are invited to continue working with me through my business development programme. Two current clients have already seen their investment in the programme returned as well as financial gains in their own businesses and portoflios.

    have a wonderful holiday and look forward to talking more after the Marathon and your well deserved rest :)

  6. Richard Hodgson  March 11, 2013

    Hi Vicki

    Lovely to network with you at your Property meet last Thursday. I had an excellent meeting with the PPP franchisee on Friday, visiting 2 of his rental properties in Hemel H; and then speaking to another on the phone later that day.

    Both had slightly different views on the franchise but my conclusions were that:-

    1. The franchise fee is worth paying if you want your hand held at all times and want to follow a proven formula i.e. invest in 10 HMO’s with a minimum of 5 tenants in each to achieve £50k annual income and a portfolio worth circa £2m.

    2. The franchise is worth having if you need moral support and encouragement by having someone to talk with at anytime, to share problems, find a solution or just for a chat.

    3. There are financial benefits from having access to their accountants to set up your accounts and a Company to provide you with considerable tax savings; and strategies to enable money to be diverted from your pension scheme.

    4. They have a network of investors who are familiar with the PPP system and are therefore willing to enter JV’s even though I might be considered a newbie and therefore higher risk.

    The operation does appear to be professional and above board, subject to my visiting Head Office to complete my due-diligence.

    Having said this I am still not convinced that investing £50k plus VAT will be the best thing to do because the savings are not necessarily direct savings so I cannot calculate a ROI.

    As the potential savings are rather grey my investment would have to be made purely for peace of mind rather than a hard rate of return and would therefore be a personal decision rather than a hard and fast business decision.

    Look forward to contacting you again upon my return from holiday early in April.

    Best wishes and happy investing

    Richard Hodgson