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Snow AngelJanuary and February have been busy, brilliant and bursting with opportunities, networking, knowledge and deals … I have: coached three clients weekly, received 10 hours of coaching, spoken to- consulted with 6 sourcing clients and completed on one for an existing client, I am negotiating on 3 deals for clients and 3 deals for myself (including new redevelopment project :) ), bought three properties for myself, been to 8 networking events, spoken at 5 of them, been to 2 three day property course as supported and spoken, taken one two day course on lease options (brilliant!), and one one day course on social media been interviewed, refurb a client property, dealt with insurance claim for our home burglary, been to Liverpool for a total of 9 days, oh and a gala dinner and conference and still fit in one trip to our dive club, 3 photographic walks, 5 snow ball fights, 8 trips to the gym, only 10 sessions on the Wii, and booked a holiday :) woo hoo……

Hopefully that’s a good enough reason for being late with this post :) I mentioned the courses I have been to, both supporting, and attending, as they are crucial to my success for a number of reasons. Sometimes i am learning genuinely new information I have never heard before, most times I am hearing information I already knew but from a different perspective or an enhancement, other times (when I am supporting) I am hearing a course I have already attended but rather than being directly involved in it, I am listening in a more objective way that some how always reveals new insights.

I was talking to a new coaching client this month saying how important I believe continually education and the seeking of knowledge to be. I forgot to mention that along side everything listed about (more for my benefit I must say) I also have been listening to Robert Kiyosaki, Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar on audio books in the car. If my brain is a muscle then it is getting the best work out its had in its life – and that can only yield positive effects.  Back to education and the pursuit of knowledge.  I believe that if you are not listening to successful people, learning from successful people and talking to successful people then ones path to success will be longer than necessary. Chris Howard always talks about standing on the shoulders of giants – and why not !

Lastly just a plea I guess, to network whether its the London Property Connection in Uxbridge, Berkshire Property Meet in Maidenhead, Harlow Meet or Liverpool Property Meet, Simon Zutshi’s PIN Meetings or the UK Property Meet at Victoria – get networking and listening to great speakers, read books, listen to audios, mix with successful people, get yourself a mentor or coach, if you don’t know just ask :)

To our mutual success, wealth and happiness
Vicki – The Property Mermaid

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