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Today has been a wonderful and complete day – a mixture of personal development, great networking, amazing insights, deeper love for my family, and fireworks :) (well it is that time of year hee hee).

I started the day at Chris Howard Breakthrough to Success, it was brilliant to go back to the event and mix with amazing people … some old friends, crew mates and of course meet new people. As we don’t live that far from Hammersmith I asked Bob to drive me there and collect me in the evening to avoid parking. Around 6pm I received a text that suggested we head off to Battersea to see the fireworks – excellent idea.

While we were not too far, we had not accounted for the enormous volume of traffic!! London once again at its best … grid locked :) Bob expertly navigated his way through the jams but time was racing on and we found ourselves still on the north side of the river when the show started. What brilliant luck … we had a slow moving, warm and dry seat that enabled us to see the fireworks in all there glory.

In past years we have gone to the park – stood in the cold – peered through the smoke :) and even been rained on … this year we avoided the crowds. Although by accident ,it reminded me that following the crowds does not always produce the best results, sometimes taking a different view point can makes things clearer :)

All round a great Autumn, fireworks with friends and family, fireworks in the warm, foggy mornings, clear days and some brilliant rain storms – I love it :)

What did you do for fireworks or Halloween?

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