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Vicki Wusche – Best Selling Author


I have always been inspired by sharing my knowledge with people, writing books has allowed me to share my knowledge and experiences with a wider audience. The books are designed to assist my clients at what ever stage of their property journey they are at, whether you are just starting out or you are an investor that would like to make more money from your existing portfolio, there is a book to give you the foundation of knowledge you need. In my latest book I look at the ‘myth of property’, and how you can re-educate yourself and create a secure financial future for your family. 

Using Other Peoples Money: How to Invest in Property
Have you ever dreamed of having a property portfolio that enables you to live a wealthy life, be financially free and confident about the financial stability of your future? Have you considered that this might be possible using other peoples money?

Make More Money from Property: from Investor Thinking to a Business Mindset
Have you ever wondered if there was a better way of investing? If there was an easier strategy? Maybe something you were missing? As lending becomes more challenging and the need to secure your personal financial future ever more real, you need to change the way you think and in turn the action you take.

Property for the Next Generation: Preparing Your Family for a Wealthy Future
I can never be too early to train your children in getting to plan for the life they deserve for themselves – without reliance on the bank of mum and dad. Are you worried about your family’s financial future? Does it concern you that you may not be able to support yourself in later years, never mind your children?

Coming in 2014
Coming in 2014, Vicki’s latest book The Business of Investing, watch this page for more information.