Ask and you will receive

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I spent last weekend with Johnnie Cass, Daniel Wagner and Rob Moore at a new event run by Unlimited Success, which brings personal development skills together with “technical” business skills to make sure that people have the mindset and the skillset to achieve wealth. Anyway, enough about that, the point was that I was attending the event to focus on my business to grow it to the next level and I really believe that when we decide something that the universe and our unconscious conspires to help.

Do you believe that things conspire to help you when you set a goal (consciously or unconsciously?)

There was a piece of music played that I find incredibly emotional – I didn’t know what it was and meant to ask. Then the event ended and you know how it goes. Have you had this before? What piece of music inspires you?

My attention all week has been about creating my business plan – I attended a meeting in Birmingham around business growth and cashflow, I have an appointment booked with my new financial director Liam Wall of Bear Space, I had a business call with Daniel Wagner  about product development and online marketing, I talked to my editor about my new book…. then last night while out for a walk and dinner with Bob all these ideas came to me – I started to get clarity and see how it all fit. Liam Sue and Daniel are all blackstars

The more we talked, the more I realised the purpose of all this planned business growth – it is not about the products (once created all sales will be automated through my websites), it is not about speaking or being interviewed per se  – it is about letting people know that I can help them understand the incredible financial assets they have access to and that they are being under-utilising.

I can help people leverage their personal financial assets and become financially secure even financially free much easier than they can alone by working or running a business.

Then this morning when I switched on the computer my Facebook page appeared – I had left it logged on last night, so that was the first page I saw. I decided to check my updates as I had asked for contributions to my new book project – please check out Quotes4Action . There was a post by someone to a video link that caught my eye. It had a picture of the moon, and I love the moon, so I clicked and thought a bit of music first thing might be nice….. it was the Forest Gump suite and I have never seen the movie …..but ….. it was the music of the weekend – the music I wanted to find. Ask and you will receive!

This is the piece 
(with a few cheesy attempts at tasteful Italian naked girl shots) – I hope you like it as much as I do. It reminds me that change is good, letting good is for the right reason as other opportunities, connections and relationships will appear – even better than before. It reminds me of how much we are all capable, once we make a plan and put our minds to it.

Have you had any lucky appearances or coincidences like this?


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