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Economic times are hard for everyone, especially retail shops who were already facing the onslaught of online shopping, now with the economy in decline and disposable income for many reduced ….
So why was I left outside a local health food shop waiting for the store to open. I arrived at 8.40 thinking they would be open at 8.30 – my mistake! As an entrepreneur I work when I want to sometimes 7am sometimes starting 11am and so forgot about the traditional 9-5!

I could see (and was seen by) at least three staff tidying shelves and doing stock take. I waited patiently for 10 minutes. Now I also know the value of my time so my patience was only going to last so long. I knocked politely on the door and gestured that I wanted to buy something – the sales assistant said the manager would be down in 1 minute.

3 minutes later she emerges from the back of the shop – picks litter from the floor and starts to tidy a shelf while I still stood at the door.

I knocked on the door again – she ignored me so I turned and walked to the original sales assistant and said good bye I am leaving! And walked away!

As I left the shops I passed the market stalls, they were busy serving customers – do you think they would have refused a sale?

The difference between the high street and the market stall holders is that the high street is full of employees just doing their job and not thinking creatively as to how they can secure and protect their jobs. Are they that rigidly stuck in a 9-5 world?

What about customer service? Entrepreneurial spirit? Common sense?

Or am I wrong and just bad tempered?


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