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Please let me introduce myself …

I am the Property Mermaid, everything I do in life, work or play encompasses my two primary passions …. investing in property and scuba diving. I have created a life style that lets me indulge these passions – to travel and scuba dive the world. Discovering and photographing dolphins, sharks, and sea horses with Bob, my best friend, dive buddy and partner of fifteen years.  What more could a mermaid want? To read more about WHY I love scuba diving follow one of the links below.

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The Property Story

It’s now been six years since I held a ‘proper job’ and I am lucky enough to be able to choose how I spend my time. I am grateful that through my actions I have been able to create this lifestyle – my property business has allowed me to have the lifestyle I want and be financial free in order to enjoy it.

I always wanted to be Jacques Cousteau (the great underwater explorer, environmentalist and adventurer) and spend my free time scuba diving. Since 2007, I have taken lots of exotic scuba diving holidays – after all a mermaid needs to be in the sea. By 2008 I had turned my attention to full time property sourcing and investment.  I am now pleased to say that I own a successful property business where I source high cash flowing property, alongside this I run an exciting and inspirational training business that educates both those new to property and those who already have a portfolio. I run courses, webinars, strategy sessions and develop tools to develop both mindset and business skills.I am also a thought leader, speaker and mentor which allows me to share my story and knowledge with others.


What I do

I buy houses any location, any condition. Whether you are a landlord looking to sell your portfolio, or a home owner looking for a quick sale then get in touch – I can help. For six years I have been actively investing in cashflowing properties Using Other People’s Money. As a successful business owner I have created a business that provides my clients with investment properties that enable them to be financially free and see thier money work harder for them, allowing them to have the life they want.

Adjacent to this I own a successful training business where I run a variety of course, strategy session and webinars that provide people with the opportunity to learn everything they need to know about property. Our flagship course is called Become a Property Sourcer in 21 days where we turn property novices into property entrepreneurs through a series of webinars and tools designed to teach clients everything they need to know to source the right properties. We have even had clients on the course who have a successful business or portfolio and still feel that they can gain even more knowledge to continue on their path to financial freedom.

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  1. Vicki  June 11, 2013

    Hi Siddeeq thanks for your email – I guess first question would be which of my books did you read – read more :) Using Other Peoples Money si about strategies and Make More Money from property is about setting up a property business.
    Also we are running a free webinar tomorrow night Wednesday 12th June at 8pm to register follow this link http://bit.ly/Cut-Crap

    Also if you want more personal information email me on Vicki@Wusche-associates.co.uk and let me know more about you and I will hep if I can

    Very best wishes Vicki :)

  2. Siddeeq l  June 10, 2013

    Hi vicki i am keen to enter the property industry i have read 1 of the books u recomended rich dad poor dad i am also reading his other books and other property investor books and wondering if you could give me some advice, i am from Glasgow in scotland thanks

  3. Vicki  October 20, 2012

    Hi Penny
    Yes have dealt with leases that offer guarantee rents, and they do offer a great renting situtation for a landlord. Maybe you could email me on vicki@wusche-associates.co.uk and tell me mor. The area of the flat, the rental company, you will need to get a copy of the lease to see what the contract actually says. it might be for three for example and the company will always fill the property – then you could sell. Maybe you can email me and let me know why you want to see and there might be other options – very best wishes and look forward to hearing from you – please send love back to Liz :)

  4. Penny  October 19, 2012

    Hi Vicki,
    I have fallen into a curious situation and Liz Sweet thought you had come upon this too and may have some insight.
    I have bought a flat, ready tenanted, all fine.
    The tenant has now left and I find the new prospective tenant to get the contract for the block of flats, is a company housing the homeless and asylum seekers, (as indeed the previous tenant was, though I did not know this)
    I had intended to flip this property on the open market. I think this will not now be possible in the way i expected.
    The new contract is not an AST and I am not sure of the implications of this or who to get further information from.
    I believe this situation will lend itself to a secure buy to let with reliable rent and maintenance.
    Any thoughts on this situation ?



  5. Vicki  December 21, 2011

    Hi Louise – thanks for your mobile (I edited it out as on public site :) ) Will call in New Year and look forward to discussing plans further – very best wishes
    Vicki :) xx

  6. Louise Wheeler  December 15, 2011

    Hi Vicki. Nice to see you at the LBH landlords forum. Im off on hols now but keen to speak to you in the new year. My mobile no is 079** *******. I dont have your mobile so pls do call me after 3rd Jan . Have a great Xmas and NY. Lou x