A spanner in the works – does wonders for your planning !!

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Well obviously not ! The whole point of planning is to allocate specific time to specific important tasks, achieving your goals more easily as you master managing your time and creating a more productive outcome.

Then all of a sudden the spanner arrives !

I had been doing really well with managing my time, I tend to focus on a maximum of three key tasks in a day (no more than that), once they are complete I then identify the next three tasks or move something forward from the next day’s diary. Then comes the unforeseen email! Some unforeseen events can be foreseen :) but this caught me off guard.

Out of the blue after three years of renting out a particular split level maisonette in north London, my new tenant reports low water pressure. Oh that’s easy I hear you say … call the water board. Well apparently water above ground level is not their problem! So because the water entered my flat on the first floor (because it is a fispannerrst floor flat) that meant that they (the Water Board)  did not have to come out to inspect or fix the problem !?! We needed to check whether the water was flowing at so many gallons per so much time by doing the bucket test !

The plumber agreed that the water pressure wasn’t that good, but then the tank for the water was on the same level – so no real pressure woould result. He couldn’t do any major work without turning off the water outside – but that is the job of the water board who would not come out unless there was a problem with water pressure at ground level. So we had to contact the people who lived below the flat. The tenant wouldn’t do it because she was new ! the plumber got no answer! and that left me trekking across London to speak to neighbours about their water was flowing … It’s moments like this that throw a large spanner in your carefully planned diary :)

So I have developed a new strategy, build in a contingency to each day … some spare time, half an hour in the morning and half in the afternoon, so when strange occurrences or requests or emails appear there is time to deal with them. If nothing unusual happens in the day I can either ‘knock off work early’ :) or tackle something from the next day’s list / tasks.

The contingency time also means that when a friend or even potential new client calls I don’t have to feel guilty or frustrated when talking to them – I can relax and enjoy :)  I spend a lot of my timing working on planning and time management. Partly because I am busy; with properties to locate, negotiate and buy, properties and more importantly rent to monitor, also networking, training, speaking events to attend.

Planning and time management doesn’t come easy for me – it does for some – not me. So I make it another task to do and a goal to achieve – it has really helped focus my mind on income generating activity, vital if you are running your own business :)

To our mutual success, wealth and happiness
Vicki – The Property Mermaid

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