A man fell over

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My mother’s drive way slopes down from the pavement. As she looked out the bedroom window she saw this man topple and fall over. He hit the ground hard.

 By the time she made her way out the front door the man was still on the ground and a passer-by was using his phone. At first she thought he was a good Samaritan calling an ambulance. To her horror she realised he was taking a picture on his phone. She called out and he turned and walked away.

Her calls raised her neighbour who kindly rushed round and helped while my mother called an

Ambulance, the neighbour checked the man’s breathing.

I wrote a blog some months ago about a local hit and run driver that knocked over a small child – I am still shocked at these (fortunately infrequent) examples of man’s inhumanity to man. At what point did our children – after all that man passing was someone’s child – learn that getting a picture or video for YouTube was more important than a simple act of human kindness?


Has our media desensitized us to images of suffering? Are the images of starving children, war victims and victims of crime so common that we are no longer shocked?


Are you shocked?

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