I can walk between the raindrops!

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Like Neo in the Matrix … I can dodge raindrops – that and I am a brilliant weather witch!

For years we used to cycle once or twice a week with friends – all year round. It never rained on a Tuesday or Thursday evening if I was out cycling. And that’s not because I didn’t go out on wet days!!

I just believe that it will be fine (in all senses of the word) and to be honest it is. I am healthy, live with my family in a house with light and warmth as required, I eat when hungry and can go out when I want. I am really blessed and fortunate. In fact anyone living in Europe, America & much of the Far to Middle East or Australasia is.

I could so easily wander into a diatribe about the riots, violence and the breakdown of society, the loss of values, morals and sense …. But I won’t

Back to the weather ….of course there are times when I do get wet – but that is because I was looking forward to it. I accept and even revel in the wetness! I especially love those grey-green thunder storms we get in the summer (when we get one of those haa haa!).

Of course those who know me may actually suggest that the only reason I don’t get wet is because my hair acts like a repellent umbrella!!!


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